Types of Kitchen Knives

In the modern-day, there are multiple types of knives that you may come across when purchasing utensils for use in your home. The various types of knives have different uses that you should pay attention to during purchase for a correct purpose in your home. In this article, we have given you some types of kitchen knives with their uses.

There are multiple types of kitchen knives. the multiple types of kitchen knives include: –

• Chef Knife: this knife features a straight edge and a curved belly. These knives are available in various lengths ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches. You will use this knife for various activities in your kitchen ranging from cutting large pieces of meat to chopping vegetables. Additionally, you can use a chef knife in mincing, dicing, slicing, and many more.

• Paring knife: Compared to the Chef Knife, this type of knife is a bit smaller with its blade ranging from 3 inches to 4 inches. You can use a paring knife in deveining shrimp, peeling fruits, and slicing small vegetables.

• Utility knife: this knife has a similar appearance to the chef’s knife; however, it is a bit smaller in size and more versatile. The blade length of these knives ranges between 4 and 7 inches. This was the multipurpose knife before the introduction of the chef’s knife since it was being used in doing almost everything in the kitchen. currently, you can use the utility knife in preparing small dishes, cutting pieces of meat, and other basic tasks.

• Bread knife: this knife features large serrations and it is one of the easily recognizable kitchen knives. Additionally, these knives feature blades that are up to 10 inches and they are entirely serrated. Because of the serration of the kitchen knife, it is mainly used to saw through bread while keeping it from being crushed in the process. You can also use this knife to cut other items such as tomatoes.

• Table knife: this knife is at times called a butter knife and it always comes with almost every utensil set. This knife features a dull, rounded blade and it is lightly serrated. The table knife is a versatile gear that you will use while eating for activities such as cutting things and spreading butter.

• Steak knife: this type of knife is always used when eating a meal featuring tough meat. A steak knife features a point and its serrations are sharp. You will find this knife at the dinner table and you will mainly use it in cutting tough food items such as meat.

• Butter knife (Spreading Knife): this knife is not made for cutting since it features a blunt, flat blade. (https://www.originalekniver.no) You can use this knife for spreading purposes with butter, some cheeses, kinds of margarine, and many more.

• Cleaver: This is among the meat knives and it is common in horror movies. It is always large and it features a rectangular blade. You can use it in cutting soft bones, meat, and hard vegetables. (https://www.originalekniver.no/kjokkenkniv/)

• Carving: This is another type of meat knife. You will always see this knife at the Thanksgiving table. These knives have upswept points and there are up to 15 inches. You can use carving knives to thinly slice meat, poultry, and fish. (https://www.originalekniver.no/slipesteiner/)


Above are some of the best types of kitchen knives that you may come across in various places. With the details given above, you will have a hassle-free experience choosing your preferred knife type with the intended purpose.