What to look for in a quality chefs knife

So if you are like most chefs of today, you spend a good part of your career chopping vegetables or slicing meat. You will need some pretty sharp knives to do the job well; look no further than the chef’s knife for your best kitchen equipment.

Here is what to look for in a quality chefs knife:

• Make sure that it has a full tang, which means that metal runs all the way through to the end of the handle. This creates better balance and makes for easier maneuvering on your part. The grip should be made of an easy-to-hold material such as wood, heavy plastic, composite materials or even stainless steel with rubber inserts attached inside.

• It should have a wide blade because it will make the job easier. The wider the chefs knife, the more effective it is for chopping and dicing.

• Look for a shape that you are comfortable with, whether straight or curved blades work best for your grip style.

• Make sure that it has a full bolster (the metal between the blade and the handle); this gives stability to both parts of the chefs knife when in use and prevents too much contact between your hand and the blade when chopping.

• The chefs knife should be durable; forged aluminum or one-piece construction (meaning the chefs knife is made of only one piece of metal) will last for years to come.

When you are purchasing your chefs knives, there are many styles, brands and prices to choose from. So shop around and see what types chefs knives work best for you; try them out in person if possible before making an investment. With the right equipment working in your kitchen will become faster and easier, leaving more time for relaxation.